Choosing the right contact lens for you

There are many contact lenses available now. Which one is the best for your vision and eye health? Our team will work with you and find out what type of lens you are best suited to. Our experienced optical assistants will advise you on how to put in and take out your contact lenses and if you need a few sessions to be confident handling your contact lenses that is no problem.

Contact lenses can be worn full-time or part time e.g. for sports, social occasions, work or holidays.
Contact lenses can be difficult ot manage and if you’ve had a bad experience in the past with them, we are more than happy to discuss a retrial. There are newer, more advanced and more comfortable contact lenses available now and may be successful for you and your needs.

Types Of Lens Available

Daily Disposable

Daily disposable contact lenses are single-use lenses that are removed and discarded at the end of each day, and a fresh pair of lenses is applied to the eyes the next morning. They are suitable for both full time and occasional lens wearers. One of the benefits of daily disposable contact lenses is that by only using them for one day, your eyes are less likely to develop and complications. Because of the short time they spend in your eye, the material is more breathable and less likely to feel dry in your eye

Weekly/Monthly Disposable

This type of contact lens is best suited to full time wearers.  They are reusable – up to 2 weeks or a month- and require greater care than a daily disposable lens. They are less expensive and are available in a greater prescription range and so are more suitable for higher or unusual prescriptions. They are designed for comfort and the breathable material helps prevent any complications. A strict routine should be adhered to, in terms of their cleanliness and maintenance

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