Fitzgerald Opticians can fix broken spectacles and glasses and return them to customers within days, looking as good as new.

Repairs to spectacle frames depend on the material of the frame and what damage has been done to the frame.

Replacement nose pads and screws only take a few minutes to replace while a broken joint can be repaired by soldering or by the use of pins.

If the frame cannot be repaired we can either cut the lenses down in to a slightly smaller frame, or try and get you a replacement frame.

If you need to do a temporary repair to your frames in a hurry use some sticky tape. Do not use any type of glue as this only damages the lenses and will only stick for a very limited period if you are lucky.

If you are unsure if your frame can be fixed, email us a picture and details of the repair required and and we will let you know if it can be repaired and the cost by return.


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